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The Numpties
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The Numpties

Welcome to The Numpties, I bought this domain name with the intention of doing something else with it, but that is now on the back burner for a while, so, I though I would use it to show the trophies that I have received from different West African scammers since I started scambaiting in 2004, so, what exactly is a trophy? Well, in baiting circles, a trophy is something that a scammer has produced specifically for the baiter.

I have several hundred trophy photos all together that I have been sent, I will get round to uploading them all as soon as possible, proving what a numpty some scammers are, please see the links to each set of photos at the top of the main menu on the left.

The trophies come in different forms, some scammers are holding silly signs, or making banners that I got them to do, along with photos of the initiation ceremonies they needed to do in order to be able to become a member of my fake church, there are also some videos and songs made by a scammer who thinks he is in contact with George Bush, those have not been uploaded yet as that bait is still in progress, plus several other trophies to be added as I go along. The aim of baiting scammers is to waste the scammers time, money and resources, I hope I have been achieving that to some degree :).

There are a selection of general anti scam links and scam alerts on the left of the page, which might be of interest to any potential scam victims, not forgetting my main website which is located at

This was my first ever numpty trophy form way back in August 2004, I was playing the part of a nun called, Sister Mary Hinge, she was a nun at my fake church website, I told the scammer that in order to join my church, he would need to supply a photo of himself wearing paper angel wings and holding a sign saying, "I adore Mary Hinge and will always drink from her holy furry cup", this is what he sent to me, the writing was fake, but at least the wings were real :):

What a numpty :)